Sunday, November 30, 2008

Baker City, Oregon

Last summer my husband and I traveled to Baker City and ate at a great little restaurant where they make sure to have gluten free choices every day. I took pictures of the place as it was adorable and I was already planning to launch this blog. So, my first feature restaurant is:

Prospectors Chocolate Co & Bistro
1917 Court Avenue
Baker City, OR
Phone: (541) 523-9211

This was my food! I can't remember the exact name, but it was a Chicken Mole with a wonderful Waldorf salad with cinnamon dressing. The waitress/owner said their chocolates are also gluten free. There were two main dishes and two salads to choose from (I am convinced I made the right choice!) and they also have vegan meals available.

For the glutenful folks who might stumble across my site, this is what my honey had:

Clearly there were nasty little gluteny noodle thingies and some shrimp and stuff; he seemed to like it.

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