Sunday, December 14, 2008

Products you might use: no longer gluten free

This information was in an email that was forwarded to me about several products which were listed as gluten free, but are no longer considered to be so. Grateful to have this information! Note the website link where more updates are posted.

Original source:

Swanson - All Swanson Broths (12/9/08)
Old El Paso - Cheesy Mexican Rice (12/9/08); Spanish Rice (12/9/08)
Pace - All salsas (12/9/08)
Prego - All Prego Sauces (12/9/08)
Campbells - All Campbell's soups (12/9/08)
Hersheys - Good & Plenty (5/8/08)
Emerald - Tropical Blend Trail Mix (7/1/08)
Bob's Red Mill - Corn Grits (10/30/08)

Sorry if any of these are staples for you. Lesson: take nothing for granted; always read the labels.

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