Friday, December 26, 2008


The place to find out if a company had gluten free products is in the FAQ section of their website. Not all companies have this feature, but often times the gluten question is answered there.

Here is a list of FAQ pages I have found. I will add to this as I find more, so check back; I will keep them in alphabetical order. I am labeling this Company FAQ's, so you can easily get back here. My labels are listed in the side column.

Again: ALWAYS CHECK LABELS; my mom can't have soy and though Newman's Own lists some products soy free, we looked on the label and soy was listed. BE CAREFUL; you are the one who will suffer if you get gluten, not the companies.

Again and again: If you have sites you have discovered, please either list them in a comment to this post, or email me at glutenfreesleuth at gmail dot com

B&G Foods (Ac' cent®, B&G®, B&M® Baked Beans, Brer Rabbit®, Emeril's®, Grandmas®, Las Palmas®, Polaner®, Regina®, Underwood® Spreads, Vermont Maid®, Wright's®)

Bob's Red Mill (Scroll down to the bottom of the page for several gf questions.)

Del Monte

Frito Lay (click on FAQ's at top; then click on Most Common Questions)




Lee & Perrins

Lighthouse Foods

Lundberg Family Farms


Newman's Own

Pamela's (This is not an FAQ page; it is their allergen list.)

Reser's (I won't eat their products.)


True North

V8 (The FAQ link is at the bottom of the page; the gluten question is the second one from the bottom.)

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