Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Product Sleuth Alert

I have several things on the back burner, waiting to be blogged (including the doughnut recipe...come on Becky!) but today I am just including some specific products I have searched.

Kroger has a pdf with the skinny on gluten, or the lack there of, in their foods.

Del Monte FAQ's, second entry under Product information.

Smoked turkey anyone? If you want to know about other Honeysuckle White products, click on their logo in the upper left hand corner, when you get to their homepage, click on products, the type you are interested in and then the specific product. Each page has Product Allergens at the bottom, many with specifics listed.

Guylian chocolates. You need to scroll to the bottom, where you will find the heading, Guylian chocolates may contain gluten. I have decided not to even try to eat these.

Kraft foods has been paying attention to gluten and other allergens for years; way ahead of most. I appreciate them very much.

I didn't find the information on their website, but a friend called Foster Farms about their Grilled Chicken Breast Strips. The first thing they did was ask where she buys them; she told them Costco; they told her that they are gluten free. It makes me wonder if some sold at other stores DO have gluten. Proceed with caution.

I sent an email to Oregon Spice Company and this is the reply I received:

Becky: We do have gluten ingredients in our facility. We also have cross-contamination operational procedures to prevent any co-mingling of any allergen products. You should feel safe that you can use our spices.
UPDATE: I got this timely bit of information in an email from Pat, who heads up our local support group... "Airborne is gluten-free"

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