Thursday, March 19, 2009

In search of the perfect pizza

In my search for a decent pizza crust, I found this brown rice Frisbee. It is made of two ingredients: brown rice and potatoes. How they do that is beyond me. It is a tolerable crust and does bake up well. It has a very nice texture to it, but there is an odd flavor that comes through. It isn't impossible to get used to, but like so many gluten free offerings, it does take getting used to. I have another one still, but it will be awhile before I use it.

I also got some news today. Betty Crocker is coming out with gluten free cake, brownie and cookie mixes very soon.

Did you see the name of that blog? Kill.the.gluten; I like this woman!

Also, Corn Chex are now gluten free and the company will be coming out with some other flavors as well.

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