Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pocatello, Idaho

If you want details, go to my other blog and read today's post there. What I will say here is that I went to Pocatello (Idaho) this weekend and got food from a couple of gluten-free friendly places. The first is Winger's. The popcorn they put on the table is gluten free and they have many menu items as well. I had Chicken Caesar Salad and enjoyed it very much.

Second, Pier 49, has a wonderful gluten-free pizza crust! I don't know any of the other franchizes do, the one in Pocatello gets a crust from someone in Kuna and it has the same spongy texture that Kinnickinnick burger buns do (some may not care for it, but I like it) and it isn't near so sweet as the Kinnickinnick pizza crust. It was spendy, almost seventeen dollars for a ten-inch pizza, but worth the splurge.

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