Thursday, May 14, 2009

Eatin' Out in Oregon: Marco Polo Global Restaurant

(I have no idea who this woman is, but she does enable you to take a reading on the size of everything.)

We were driving around Salem last August, hungry, but not sure where the glutenly-challenged among us (me) would be able to safely eat, when we spotted this place. It was the fine print on the banner that caught our attention...

This is a great restaurant and we went back this month when we were back in town to fetch our daughter from college. We shared a stuffed mushrooms appetizer (my husband, daughter and I...they can consume gluten death and have no ill effects). They were very tastey and a little different than I make mine. When I fix them, I bake them so that they are completely cooked, but they must broil theirs or something. The outsides were cooked, but the inside still fresh. It was nice.

This year I had Almond Chicken with brown rice. It was very good, but I would put more sauce on it.

Last year, I had a Raspberry Pistachio Chicken with some mixed vegetables. Can you tell I have a better cellphone camera now?

The owner is a sweet and caring man. He has developed his own gluten-free cookie recipe and he puts them in cookie-size ziploc baggies to keep them safe.

They have added a gluten free carrot cake to the menu and it is available daily. I didn't try it (too full), but maybe next time I will leave room for it. Gluten free menu, pdf.

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