Thursday, May 14, 2009

Eatin' out in Oregon: Trader Joe's & Wingers

We traveled to Oregon to bring our daughter (a collegiate) home for the summer. Four days on the road and Becky didn't get a stitch of gluten! THAT is a record! I was so pleased and so relieved. How I managed:

I planned out exactly what and where I would be eating. I decided ahead of time that I would be eating out twice and we threw in a third when I realized there was another option in our path. Lunch in Ontario (bonus meal), dinner in Salem, lunch in Baker City. Each of these restaurants have gone out of there way to make eating their food a safe activity for the no-gluten-pleasers.

I made some meals and packed 'em in a cooler and I took fresh veggies, cheese & crackers, fresh get the idea. We traveled by way of Bend and stopped at Trader Joe's where we picked up some odds and ends to enhance our meals. They have several types of guacamole in the refrigerated section which are all gluten free. We chose one that was divided into two packages. We had one with our dinner that night (burritos, veggies, Garden of Eatin' blue corn tortilla chips) and one later with another meal.

The Store
Trader Joes: A nice young man (that is what old ladies say) printed out a complete list of their gluten free items available. We didn't buy much, because we had to save plenty of room in the car for our daughter's essentials, but it was fun to browse and I did pick up a few choice items. The sad part, they don't do mail order. Pity.

The Restaurants
I have decided to split these up into separate posts, because I have to fight with blogger if they are too long and have pictures.

Wingers: This is the place we added on to our plans. Silly me. I had forgotten about the one in Ontario (we actually ate there in the fall when we were taking the collegiate to school and it was perfect timing to have lunch there on day one). Their popcorn is gluten free and the waitress even put a pile of it in a bag and sent it along with us.

Their popcorn is gluten free and that was such a treat (made it so I didn't miss the croutons)! My honey had some gluten dripping burger and I had a Chicken Caesar Salad (sans croutons). It is a good salad, but next time I think I will try something else; they have a lot of choices. Gluten free menu, pdf.

(Scroll down my blog for two more restaurants, Marco Polo Global Restaurant in Salem and Paizano's Pizza in Baker City)

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