Sunday, July 12, 2009

Videos and Links and Pears, oh my!

I have been too busy to blog and I still am, but once again I am cheating and taking time to do so. Even when I don't have time to post, I often wander around the net looking for new information, recipes and kindred spirits. I even have a buddy (not gf) who sleuthed out a great blog with some excellent recipes!

I have added all of the new-found blogs to GLUTEN FREE BLOGS: AN ECCLECTIC LIST FULL OF WONDERFUL RECIPES, TIPS, LINKS,AND LIFE. They are Artsie-Foodie (the link goes straight to her gluten free recipes), A Gluten Free Guide, The Spunky Coconut (found by my other buddy, Kim, who has a son who can't have gluten and a husband who can't have milk) and Delightfully Gluten Free.

I harvested this video from Delightfully Gluten Free. It is Doctor Joseph Murray, from the Mayo Clinic, discussing Celiac's desease:

Cassandra, the proprietor of DGF, said this about that:
"As an aside, I love listening to this man speak, and I dig his crooked bowtie."

I agree. :) She also has an interesting post, Gluten Free Myths Uncovered, that
you should check out.

Resource for packaged gf foods: My Gluten Free Cafe. You can also learn about and connect with Danna Korn. She is an expert on all things gluten free and wrote the first book I owned on the subject: Living Gluten Free for Dummies. I am very excited to have found this resource!

Products (my goodness my labels are a unorganized):
Gluten free barbeque sauces: Cattlemen's & Sweet Baby Ray's (my sister brought this on the Fourth of July and probably got it at Costco)

Cell Phone Shots:
Have I mentioned these gf rice tortillas? There is a little health food store in town that carries them, as well as Fred Meyer. I consider them a staple:

I also found a delicious gf sausage at Costco that you simply must try:

Looking through my bookmarks, Gluten Free: Blog This, in both Mozilla and Chrome, it looks like these are all I have collected since my last sleuth report.

Finally, I was at a local store recently when I noticed this fella enjoying a little snack. You have seen these cakes in bakeries haven't you? They come in flavors like, Lemon Pudding Drizzle, or Orange Goo (names have been changed to protect the innocent). You can buy them in whole or half cakes neatly packaged in a cake-shaped clam shell thingy. Well, if you look close you can see that the cake is sitting on his lap. He would just break off a chunk and shove it in his mouth. He was in glutenish ecstasy and I couldn't resist capturing the moment. I don't think I have mentioned this here, but my new habit is sniffing gluten. I call this shot Gluten-death by proxy.

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