Wednesday, September 2, 2009

On the Border... Boise. Mexican food. Allergen menus. Gluten free option. Really good food. Take your own tortilla chips.

A ray of sunshine in your gluten-free life.

Pork Carnita Fajitas with grilled veggies. They were supposed to come with portabello mushrooms, but for some reason the onions are taboo, and apparently the mushrooms are in league with the onions, so they put mine on a bed of chopped, fresh tomatoes. It was good, but I was looking forward to those mushrooms.

The fajitas came with rice and beans, guacamole and the softest, nicest, warm corn tortillas I have ever eaten. Their sour cream has gluten in it, but I didn't miss it. When the waitress brought the plate she said, "you should be fine with everything here but the pico de gallo; it has onions in it" (which was on top of a bed of lettuce on the plate, where the fork is in the picture below). I don't know if all of their onions have gluten or just some, but I will be looking into that. I had no pain after. I really doubt that their gluteny onions are in the pico de gallo, but I wasn't going to overrule her judgment.

She also said there is some gluten free dessert, but I see nothing on the online gluten free menu that fits that description. No matter. This is a really nice restaurant and the food was delicious. For the glutendeathers in your life, they have a lot of lovely choices. Mine had a lovely, beasty-gluten burrito.

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