Wednesday, October 14, 2009

About that cornstarch

After enjoying the delicious adaptation of Rebecca's Banana Sheet Cake last night, as I was writing my post on it, I decided to double-check all ingredients to be sure they were gluten free. I used Clabber Girl Cornstarch and when I went to their website, I was a bit concerned. Their baking powder has these features listed:

  • Resealable, recyclable container
  • Double acting
  • Gluten free
  • Zero Trans Fat
  • Kosher: Pareve

  • But their corn starch has these:

  • Calcium fortified
  • Resealable, recyclable container
  • Zero Trans Fat
  • Kosher: Pareve

  • Notice the difference? I did too. I went to there contact page and sent an email. This morning, there was no response (and I am in pain...again) so I went back to their site and called them. I learned a lot. First of all, their corn starch is NOT gluten free. Apparently the container I purchased is from before they changed the labels on their products. They changed them once to say they are processed on equipment where wheat is processed and they have changed or are changing them again, though I don't know what the new labels say.

    What else I learned: There is a date on the bottom of the can (can't remember the exact name, if you know, please let me know in a comment) and she told me how to read it.

    Mine says: 08302

    That means the product was made in 2008, on the 302 day of the year. I am so glad to have this information and now you have it too!

    So what is a gluten free girl to do? Well, I just did a search and I am happy to announce that Argo and Kingsford are both gluten free. I will be adding this to my shopping list today. In the meantime, I hope my husband and mom like the cake, because I won't be eating any more of this one.

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    Anonymous said...

    Almost 3 years later...thanks. Just the info I was looking for. :)