Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blaming no one else, just a caution

I was in aisle seven at Walmart, looking at the "gluten free" section (in quotes because the gluten free section is a smattering of gf products nestled in among other items you would find at a whole foods store).

Standing there, I had a silent conversation with myself: Now Becky, remember, there are things here that are not gluten free and you must proceed with caution. Yes, this is true, I must be careful.

I was there for a specific Bob's Red Mill brown rice flour that no one else in town carries, but always on the lookout for gf products, my eyes scanned to the bottom shelf and I thought, Ah ha! MI-DEL Ginger Snaps! I love Trader Joe's ginger snaps (TJ's is nowhere near my town). I have eaten MI-DEL cookies before and decided to get some.

I just checked my wallet and the date was September 24th. I ate those cookies, one at a time, for a little over a week. I probably had 5 cookies total - no more than one in a given day.

I was still chewing the last one when I had a little panic attack. I was comparing the flavor of this ginger snap to the ones at Trader Joe's and it hit me, these don't taste gf. These taste normal! I went to my personal, gluten free cupboard and pulled the package out. First ingredient: organic unbleached wheat flour!

Suddenly I realized where my recent pain and other symptoms were coming from! I wanted to kick myself. I finally remembered that the store I had purchased MI-DELs from labels which items are gluten free and some of the MI-DEL cookies are gf and some are not. I am not angry with Walmart OR MI-DEL; they are both offering options to the anti-gluten and I appreciate them for doing so. I am angry with myself for letting my guard down.

My system is still torn up from those cookies. Hopefully this is a lesson I will not soon forget.

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