Friday, October 16, 2009

In the aftermath of gluten

My friend Sarah (see label Sarah bakes again) and I have been sleuthing for gf baking products and other things that have come up in our conversations. I have also discovered some things as I have searched for gf products for other peeps.

Product information:
Hodgson Mill has a lot of gluten free products. Just be careful, because they have lots of products with gluten as well.

La Victoria is great about letting us know if their products have gluten or not. Go to this link and click on products, then the type of product you are looking for, choose the name of specific product, click on the picture of the container and you will see the nutritional information. It will say if it is gluten free in the ingredients list in bold. What I discovered is that their Thick and Chunky Salsa Verde is gluten free and soy free, which is great, because mom can't have soy and I have been wanting to make an enchilada recipe that needs some.

For your surfing pleasure:

I had mentioned Living Without Magazine some time ago, but I was at their website yesterday and realized that they have a page of links to gf recipes.

Not exactly a blog, but lots of information, gf products, and recipes - Eating Gluten Free (I will be hanging out here, I can tell).

Betty Crocker has posted some recipes for their new gluten free mixes.

I never eat at old MacDonald's. Just don't trust them.

For peace in the midst of pain:
This song was sung at my sister's funeral and then later at a church I attended, we did parts singing and sang it at my father's funeral. It has always stirred my spirit and helped me to be content.

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