Friday, October 23, 2009

A very nice burger recipe

My friend, Kimberly, recommended this recipe and I have made it at least a couple of times, maybe three, because it is so stinking easy and so delicious. Recently, I needed to do something quick and easy with burger, so I just harvested some of the ingredients from the pork chop recipe and I have to say it was surprisingly, amazingly delicious.

My recipe is even simpler than the one for pork though:

A Very Nice Burger Recipe
1 lb of hamburger
1-15 oz. can S & W* black beans, undrained
1 cup of Chachies salsa
(these quantities are approximate, except for the black beans, because I was using the Aunt Lorena methodclick on label and go to the first entry to understand)

Brown burger and add the other ingredients. Cook to heat through and use one tortillas or in taco shells or wherever you imagine takes you. The best descriptive word I can give this is smooth. We loved it.
*I spoke with someone from S & W Foods today and was told that the only product that has gluten in it at this time is their Malt Vinegar. She said all of their canned fruits and vegetables and their pickled beets are gluten free. She told me several times that we should always check the labels to be sure that ingredients haven't changed. I started to explain why it would be helpful if they had a statement of their policy on their website, was cut off, and can't get back through to them. Hopefully there was a power problem and not a snubbing that happened there.

P.S. Whole Foods Market has a lengthy list of gluten free foods that was updated on the 10/22/09 and it is 14 pages long! It is a pdf file, so give it time to load. Great place to check on brands you are wondering about!

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