Friday, January 29, 2010

Progress report: "Doc, I am seeing spots before my eyes!"

When I was a little girl, in the night if I would rub my eyes, I would see stars. I didn't know why, but I thought it was very cool.

Several years ago (BAG - before anti-gluten - so probably 5 or 6) I tried a new type of mascara that had a white layer that you used first and then a darker layer that you put on top. It took me a while to realize it, but I was allergic to the stuff. The allergy was manifested in very itchy eyes, so I was rubbing them a lot.

One day, I noticed that I was having "eye lights" just on the edge of my vision - and I wasn't rubbing them at the time; I also noticed that I was looking through black spots and something like spider webs that were on the surface of my eyes. I asked Professor Google about them and his report was pretty frightening. I called an eye doctor and they whooshed me in within the hour. The doctor fired up the laser (I don't know that for sure, but I know he anticipated surgery) and then proceeded to examine me, putting mucky stuff, bright lights, fingers and noses in my eyes. When he came up for air, he pronounced me okay. He said that there were no visible tears, so the eyes had already healed up. I was relieved, but it changed my attitude about the rubbing-my-eyes part of life (I remember wondering why my mother had never hammered the point that a person should not rub their eyes. I wondered that again when I was going with her to the optometrist this last summer for her cataract surgeries and the doctor warned her not to rub her eyes while they were healing, but said once they were healed, it wouldn't be a problem).

Since that time, I have carefully trained myself to not even touch my eyes unless I am proceeding with gentleness. Even in the night, I have mostly succeeded in avoiding doing so, but sometimes it has happened accidentally and every time there is a light show. Another thing I have noticed is that sometimes when sitting up in bed there would be a bit of a halo of hazy lights, as though the exertion put pressure on the eyes. I am always on the lookout for the UFL's (Unidentified Flying Lights) during the daytime - ever concerned that there is a laser beam with my name on it just waiting for me at the optometrist's office.

Enter: diet change
I have adjusted my eating quite a bit lately. I have stopped consuming dairy and eggs (though my doctor has a possible way to include an occasional egg, we will see if it works), in addition to the gluten and I have also been mostly eating foods that combine well.

I am following food combination charts which are designed with digestive juices in mind. Apparently our bodies use different types of enzymes for different types of foods. It takes different stuff to break down meat than potatoes, for example, and melons should always be eaten alone. When we combine these foods, our bodies are not going to be able to break it all down properly. I decided that since my digestive system seems to be a disaster area, it can use all the help it can get.

Cutting to the chase
One thing that happened very quickly after I stopped eating the dairy and eggs is my hot flashes (I am 52) ceased...completely. It was rather shocking when I realized it, especially since I had started looking forward to them when I crawled into bed at night. I would be so cold and one flash, if used properly, would chase the shivers away. By properly I mean that after I had flung the covers away, if I put them back on just before the flash ended, I could conserve some of the heat and would be comfortably warm and able to fall asleep. Anyway, I no longer have hot flashes which I am assuming is a good thing.

The next thing I just noticed this morning. When I touch my eyes, no lights. This is quite shocking, because they have always been there and though a bad sign, I assumed they were a normal part of life and had grown used to them -- like those really old, worn out shoes that are so hard to throw away...holes and all. I realize there could be some other factor that I am missing and I am not sure the food combining or elimination of dairy or eggs have anything to do with this change, but I am pleased and amazed. I will still be careful not to rub my eyes though.


Jennifer said...

Becky, where did you find the food combo charts? I am very interested in this. I have one book with recipes such as that but a chart may help as well. Glad you are doing better!

Becky, slave of Christ said...

Mostly I have used this one, but I am not sure if it is okay. What is the name of your recipe book? That would be very helpful.

Also, thanks for the icecream! I had some last night. Dolled it up with various items that totally are not considered excellent or even good in the combination department, but it was yummy!

Jennifer said...

So glad you liked it! Our family had some Sunday night and it seemed everyone enjoyed it by the way all bowls were licked clean. The name of my book is Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. Lots of great recipes in there and a whole ton more of info and history of food. Right up my alley!:) I'll check out the food chart thanks!