Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In my mind, I am not gluten free

Last night I fixed a really tasty meal. It was a variation on the rice dish in Four Recipes and a Seuss Allusion, but not long after, my husband and I were watching television and there was a commercial with food on it. Food that I used to enjoy, but now is forbidden. Then I remembered that I can safely think about eating that food. So, for the next few minutes I did a little gluten-eating mind exercise. I imagined myself eating that food (I think it was Subway, but after the brain buffet I indulged in, I have forgotten what the trigger was). Then I imagined myself eating an Arctic Circle hamburger and French fries. After that, I enjoyed a milk shake and then a big, melty cheese, with all my favorite toppings piece of pizza, with a crispy, gluteny crust. I imagined myself eating real strawberry shortcake with real whipped cream. I think at that point, I was content, so I stopped. This might seem like a silly (sinful?) thought process to engage in, but you can't imagine how much it helps me. One of the things I do when I go through an imagination session of this sort (usually, I limit it to one food only) is remind myself how awful I used to feel after eating those types of foods; remembering that settles everything and I can get back to my gluten free life.

P.S. So you know. I didn't sit and imagine every bite of an entire burger, every fry, etc. If I really get to craving the old foods, I just remember what they taste like and it helps me get over it. Remembering the yucky after-effects really does help put it all into perspective.

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