Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chicken Marsala!

No Gluten, No Dairy, No Eggs, No Soy, No Kidding!

My husband and I were going to dinner at Johnny Carino's a couple of months ago so I went to their website and looked over their gluten free menu to decide what I would order. Because of the no dairy complication (as if gf isn't complicated enough), I wanted to go prepared. I was precooking my own Tinkyada brown rice noodles and was hoping for a nice chicken something to go with it. When I saw Chicken Marsala on the list, I knew that was my choice. We went, I ordered, they brought it to the table and looking down I inquired, "Isn't that butter on my plate?" It was indeed. That was when I mentally kicked myself and thought, what did you think they would use to make a sauce? I ate it anyway. I decided since I hadn't asked the waiter for dairy free assistance I wasn't going to expect the restaurant to "eat" my mistake.

Yesterday we were headed to a distant town to see our son for a belated celebration of his thirtieth birthday. He is teaching and auditing summer school and Memorial Day was the only day he could take off until early July. I wanted to make something delicious that would satisfy everyone, even those without food allergies. I decided to search the web for a Chicken Marsala recipe that would fill the bill. I found one. It is over at Be Free for Me dot com and it an absolutely delicious recipe. Instead of making cutlets as the recipe recommends, I cut the chicken into small pieces. It didn't take all of the flour blend to coat the chicken pieces, but I used a little bit of the leftovers and blended it in with some of the wine, then stirred that into the pan during the 10-12 minute simmer to help thicken it.

This is not an inexpensive recipe, I had close to $20 into it with the chicken, mushrooms, wine and Tinkyada brown rice fettuccine, but that was because I had to get all of the ingredients in one place at one time. If I had been able to plan ahead and buy a big container of mushrooms at Costco and get the other ingredients on sale, it could have been more economical. My husband noted that four of us ate the meal with leftovers and we could not have done that at a restaurant. Plus, finding a nice place that accommodates gluten, dairy, egg and soy (my mom's taboo) allergies is not an easy task (insert impossible if everyone wants to eat actual food. Wingers is not so good for me since dairy left the building and my mother can have maybe their ketchup and their ice).

This recipe was a huge success. Everyone enjoyed it and no one felt they were shortchanged for it being gluten and dairy free. I highly recommend it for that special occasion with those certain someones in your life you have coming up. The picture was taken with my cell, and it is a bit shiny, but hopefully the mouth-watering aroma still makes its way through all of that technology.


Jennifer said...

Looks super yummy! I love mushrooms on my chicken! Thanks for sharing!

Becky, slave of Christ said...

You are welcome, Jenn. I definitely had you in mind when I posted this dish. I was thinking that it could absolutely be made without the dreaded corn!