Friday, July 30, 2010

Partly sleuthy with a chance of showers later on...

Update: Sorry about the spacing on this post. The html looks fine, but it may have the sniffles.

I have tons to do over the next several days and think I will just post short reports here and there.

My friend, Sherry, recently took her granddaughter, Grace, to Starbucks and was pleasantly surprised to discover gluten free cookies there! Grace said, "mmmmmm" while eating them! And I believe a baby's opinion is to be trusted!

Gluten Freeville did a review for reusable toaster bags today! Somebody is gonna make a lot of money.

Go Picnic has some handy dandy gluten free food packs, but according to Nancy from Gluten Freeville, they take forever to ship. She recommends we get them from Costco or in a store so we have them when we need them.

These Crunch Dried Snacks from Sensible Foods are getting rave reviews and are also available at Costco. I gotta get to Costco!

DeBoles has recently announced a recall on Kid's Only! Gluten Free Tubettini. It isn't good when products slip by like this, but I appreciate DeBoles' willingness to be honest with the public.

On another front with DeBoles. I have had little success with their rice, quinoa and amaranth spaghetti-style pasta. I have tried it twice and had the same results both times. The pasta breaks up into tiny pieces while cooking. I don't know if I am cooking it too long (I have followed their directions) or if it is just the nature of this stuff. It is impossible to strain it with a colander because the pieces are too small and I haven't picked up a new sieve to use gluten free yet. Besides, I think it would make a terrible mess in a sieve. If you have had better success, please let me know how. I really like those grains and would love to use this product!

Ope! P.S.
Chelsea Clinton is serving gluten free cake at her wedding tomorrow. Perhaps we should attend!

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