Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sizzling Sleuth

It is hot. I am not necessarily complaining; I am most certainly pleased that summer has finally arrived, but I will say that higher temperatures and hot flashes are not the most pleasant combination. Anyway, I decided it was time to sit at my computer and type up another Sleuth Report. I have been wandering the web and have found some nice things to share.

Recipe Alert
Chocolate Zucchini is a blog that is not gluten free, but there is a recipe on there for Raw Cashew Cheese that is and I really want to try it. The problem: I can't figure out where to get raw cashews that are gluten free and won't require robbing Fort Knox to afford. If you know of someplace, please let me know.

Products for the inside
MimicCreme - The key ingredient is cashews, which also star in the Alkemie Dairy-Free Ice Cream I long to try. The closest store for the MimicCreme is way too many hours away to be practical. I need to get a retailer in my town to carry it and I have just the store in mind. The ice cream is an unlikely candidate for my area at this point. They just haven't expanded that much.
Crunchfuls is a new (to me) breakfast cereal that sounds good. I need to make a wish list to take into my favorite health food store.

Products for the outside
In an effort to avoid getting gluten, I am very careful what types of products I use on my hair and skin. I was told by people in the local support group that the only hair products available that are gluten free that are Dove and Suave. Neither of those does much for my wild and crazy, hypothyroid, naturally curly, frizzy and fuzzy hair, so I combed the shelves at the local markets, looking for something better. I found a line called Organix and contacted the company. I received the following response:

Dear Becky:

Thank you so much for contacting us! I have checked with our chemist at the manufacturing plant and she assures me that our entire Organix line is gluten-free. Have a great day!


Customer Service Department
Vogue International

I have used their Coconut Milk line, Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner, Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum, and the Nourishing Coconut Milk Styling Cream and most recently I am using their Grapefruit Mango Butter Shampoo and Conditioner. I love how they smell. The shampoo and conditioner have done wonders for my hair, they leave it very soft and much healthier. The Anti-Breakage Serum is a must. I didn't use it yesterday and my hair was really fuzzy and flighty. The serum is oil based, but light and nice. Just be careful not to use too much or it will leave your hair looking greasy. I have done this more times than I can count and it is frustrating. It takes a couple of hours for my hair to dry (I can't blow dry these tresses), so if I overdo it on the first go-round I am stuck with the Dapper Dan look (I just washed my hair and I can't do a thing with it).

Another product that I have used is their styling cream. This is a tricky product to use as well, but hey! my life is tricky since the invasion of the gluten snatchers. The container suggests you put it on your palm and rub it until it warms up and becomes malleable, but that doesn't work well at all. I put a very small amount of the cream in the palm of my hand, run the tap in my bathroom until the water is hot, add a very small amount of it to the cream and use a finger to blend them together. The water melts the cream and becomes murky. Finally, I run the water through my hair where I want it to add a little extra body and style normally. It isn't perfection.

I still need a hairspray that works, but I have not found any gluten free hairspray that will hold up. I have used Dove Extra Hold Hairspray , but honestly, it should be ashamed of itself. It does not hold and hairspray shouldn't be a part of it's name. I have stopped using it much at all, as I am spraying chemicals on my head to little effect. It serves more as a security blanket than an actual help. In my mind I know that I need hairspray, and this is what is in my cupboard, so I put it on and pretend that things are okay now.

I use Burt's Bees Baby Bee Buttermilk Lotion on my skin and I really like that stuff. In my post, Other things we must watch out for, you will find the lowdown on Burt's Bees gluten frees and the response they gave me to my inquiry.

Other bloggers
The Gluten Free Lab has an article on a product for people who also can't have corn. My friend Jennifer will be happy about this, and honestly, I would love to take a bite of that doughnut!

Umbrella'd This place is more like an online magazine than a blog, but it reads like a blog and the Gluten Free Living tab, which is where the link will take you, is the place for us!

That is going to do it for today. Happy exploring!

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