Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Weep Test, by the Sobbing Sleuth

I have decided that the sure test as to whether a gluten free bread is good or not is the Weep Test. If you take that first bite and tears come to your eyes(or you out and out bawl) it is absolute proof you have found that rare, but real bread, so elusive in the gluten free world.

I am about 2/3 of the way through my first loaf ofUdi's Whole Grain bread. I really drug my feet on this product, because it contains egg whites and eggs are my enemy.

However, someone recently told me that when a person can't eat eggs it is often because of the yolks. So I decided to give this stuff a try.

When I opened the bread and the aroma wended its way to my nostrils, it sent a thrill down my spine. It smelled so good. I took out the heel. I have never been particularly fond of bread heels, but it was a small piece and thought it would be the safest place to start. When I took that first bite, it was as if my taste buds had a direct link to my tear ducts which automatically triggered a downpour. I could not even believe I was eating gluten free bread without toasting it, and it tasted real! The texture is soft and light and the taste is just how it should be. I ate that heel without anything on it and I like to eat this bread that way. I have my chicken salad on my plate with the bread strategically placed near by for convenience. Eating this stuff is a luxury.

Three and a half years without real bread is a long time. Thanks for bringing normal back into my life, Udi's.

Today on facebook, Udi's posted a survey. I was happy to answer their questions.

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