Thursday, August 5, 2010

Frozen Pudding

I believe the thing I have missed since going No Dairy, No Eggs, No Kidding is ice cream. I am actually adjusting to not having cheese, butter and eggs pretty well. I think this is because they made me feel sick and the memory of that is still strong. I don't think I reacted that way to ice cream, but I would probably really notice it if I tried some now, after having no dairy for several months.

I recently was thinking about Jell-O pudding. I was thinking that the problem isn't in the mix itself (unhealthy as it no doubt is) but with the milk that is added to the mix, so I decided to try it with almond milk. I did that last night, with chocolate (of course) and discovered that it was not going to set up like milk does. I wanted to serve it for dessert, so I decided to try freezing it instead. It worked great! It was in the freezer about 2 1/2 hours and you can see that the center did not freeze hard. This was fine, because it added a nice creamy texture. What else it did was tell me that it just might set up in the fridge after all, if I am willing to give it more time than I had last night. I will post another picture and the directions on Snack Attack! Keep Coming Back!!!

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