Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary...

Our garden is coming along with mixed results (which I expounded upon on my other blog), but I am very pleased to have those vegetables that are growing well.

The kohlrabi, which I mentioned in my other blog this morning, is the star of a new Snack Attack post (which I will get to in a few minutes). 

Zucchini is the featured vegetable of this post, however. Last Sunday I took gluten free zucchini bread to church for fellowship time and I am happy to say that the gluten eaters really liked it! I don't know that anyone even knew it was gluten free (unless they saw the glutenless taking some).
I used the recipe at Bob's Red Mill, but I used organic egg whites only (which I seem to be able to tolerate) and left out the walnuts, putting almonds on top instead. You can see that it might have baked a little bit longer, but it was not undercooked to the point of being raw and it was very moist.

I had one of those odd times when a long-forgotten memory comes flooding back. As I was loading up the loaf pans, I was reminded of the very first time I made zucchini bread. I was making some from our first garden years ago and the glutenous recipe I was using made five loaves. I was using this exact same mixing bowl and when I saw how full it was I was astounded. It was an overwhelmingly shocking quantity to me. As I recall, it made five nice loaves and I froze some. I was also reminded how looonnngggg it takes to make a bunch of loaves of zucchini bread, due to the need for so much zucchini. Next time I will use my food processor, but I was making this late Saturday night, because we had unexpected company for dinner and I put it off until our guest left. This meant that my husband was already in bed and I was unwilling to run that noisy machine.

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