Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Sleuth

It is a beautiful day today. There is a lovely breeze coming through the front door and though we usually close up the house early to contain the cool we have captured through the night, I just can't bring myself to do so. The air is too refreshing to block out, so I will keep it open until I finish my blog business. It is supposed to hit 90 degrees today.

Hormel has a comprehensive list of their gluten free products on PDF. So you expect it, when you get to their website and click on their Gluten Free Product List link, the PDF file downloads directly to your computer, rather than in your browser.

And speaking of processed foods, Sure Foods Living has a put up a lengthy list of gluten free hot dogs and sausages of all kinds.

Liz Lovely has both normal and gluten-free cookies.

Research and Information
The University of Chicago has a lot of information concerning celiac disease. Their mission: "to raise diagnosis rates for celiac disease and meet the critical needs of people with the condition, through education, research, and advocacy." You should go check it out. They have made this comprehensive resource available as well.

This article, Celiac Disease: On the Rise, from the Mayo Clinic, speculates as to what the cause of this rise might be, explores the disease, gives historical information, discusses research and more.

Other Bloggers
Baking for John (The last dated post is November 2009, but this place is worth a look.)
The Spunky Coconut (Recipes are No Gluten, No Casein, No Sugar, No Kidding, but not all recipes are all of these, so pay attention.)

Cashew Cheese! (I am planning on trying this, but first I have to find a reliable source for uncontaminated raw cashews...)
Fresh Strawberry Pie (from Living Without, complete with an allergy friendly crust! If you aren't on their mailing list, get there. They send out lovely recipes all the time.)
Bread (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, No Kidding - from Elana's Pantry)
Iced Coffee (This could easily be made with almond milk or whatever your favorite dairy alternative is!)
This one is just for fun, but it is free of everything!

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