Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sloth Report: Sleuth fesses up and other stuff

JENNIFER! No Corn, No Kidding!!! 
Check out this recipe for light "corn" syrup at Adventures of a Gluten Fee Mom!

Okay, now that that is taken care of, I need to ask you to forgive me. I having been thinking of all the times I have said, I will get back to you on that, and never have. This morning I decided to use my handy dandy Sleuth search engine to see how many times I have done that, and the results are in...

Promise 1. Chocolate Cinnamon Coconut Almond Freeze "Hmm..I am thinking of some new flavors even now. I will let you know." 
Answer 1. Well. I haven't made this again. Instead, I have been playing with the frozen banana recipe that is abundantly discussed on the web and I made a chocolate shake that was delicious. I have thought since that I should take a similar recipe and freeze it for ice cream, but I haven't done so as of this post. I will make no promises, but if I do it again, I will certainly try to remember to take a photo, make a recipe and post it.

Promise 2. I told you I would let you know if the Black Bean Brownies would turn out okay with egg replacer instead of egg whites.
Answer 2. Again. I haven't made them that way. I should be brought up on failure-to-make-recipes-another-time charges. My problem is that I just don't remember to make them. I am off trying something new instead. How will I ever establish sound, No Gluten, No Dairy, No Eggs, No Soy, No Kidding traditions at this rate?

Promise 3. Under the heading In the works..., I mentioned that I was working on a ranch dressing that was free of everything of which it needs to be free.
Answer 3. FAIL. So far anyway. I still want to do more with it, but for now I will just show you photos. I really think the initial mustard, green onion, grape seed oil picture looks pretty sweet (read: appealing? funky? artsy? I don't know. I just like it). The egg replacer was tricky. This recipe requires patience.

Stores that sell gluten free stuff
I got an email from the head of our celiac support group and she was letting people know about resources in our area. One thing is that Winco is selling Udi's bread products now, as well as this amazing frozen fish I want to tell you about (see in the products section below).

She was told that they don't have a separate gluten free section because it is easier to just put them on a shelf with similar foods. I am confident it is easy for them, but it is like a Where's Waldo search for the glutenly challenged.

Speaking on gluten-free product shelving practices, I really hate it when stores put gluten free on the baking aisle. At Smith's Food and Drug they not only have the products on the baking aisle, they are right next to the regular flours. This might seem logical to them, but I don't even like to walk down the baking aisle. Can you say cross-contamination? With the efforts companies, such as Bob's Red Mill, take to produce certified gluten free products, I am sure they would be thrilled to know that their products are snuggling up to gluten. And with the efforts we take to maintain a gluten-free lifestyle, the last thing we need is to inhale the stuff in a supermarket! Until they move their gluten free items to another place, I won't be buying any gluten-free products from that aisle.

There is a little store called Sta-well. This store has been in the area for many, many years, but has new owners who are stocking loads of gf stuff. They are very personable and are always willing to try to get in whatever their customers are wanting. They are a mom and pop establishment, so their prices are a bit more than other spots, but it is always good to support the little guys whenever possible.

Another place in our town is Local Dish Market and Cafe. They too are supposed to have lots of gluten free products and serve gluten free foods in the cafe. The owners will be at the celiac support meeting on Tuesday evening.

Products I have heard about or tried
FISH!!! No Gluten, No Dairy, No Eggs, No Soy, No Peanuts, No Kidding!

Starfish is producing some breaded fish for us! I didn't even realize how much I missed those frozen, boxed fillets and sticks I used to serve when life was crazy, but I do now. I bought the halibut the other night and it was wonderful. I had to go to a meeting right after we ate (Nice timing on this find! True? Of course, true.) and as I sat there, I would put my hair under my nose from time to time and smell that fishy goodness. Not a smell I normally want to sport, but this night, this night, I was in fish odor heaven. I went for the halibut because it is normally $9.99, but was on sale (Nice timing on this find! True? Of course, true.) for $6.99 and I decided I better go for the savings while I could. This fish is available at Winco and Smith's. It is actually safe at Smith's, because it is in the frozen fish case, not on the baking aisle.

I took photos of them, but blogger says, "Server Rejected" no matter what pictures I try to upload, so instead I will link to the Starfish company URL.

Around the web
Living Without posted this interesting article on the necessity (or lack thereof) of biopsies for proper diagnosis. Conclusion: still necessary, but it is good to see where the research is going.

If you were wondering about Farley's and Sathers candies, they say they deal with the "Big 8" allergens. Is gluten in that list? I think only wheat is. Either way, you have to call them for each product you are wondering about.

Have you been to P. F. Chang's? I haven't, but I have heard nice things about them and want go. They aren't in my town though.

Arbonne has a hefty list of gluten free products! Would you look at that list? I don't know the person whose site this is, I just ran across the link.

Gluten Free Baking has some great recipes. Just make sure you are watching for those that have other allergens in them, but I am thinking I can tweak their Cran-Apple White Chocolate Popcorn. I have my doubts that there is dairy free white chocolate, so I will probably go with Enjoy Life's chocolate chips instead.

One Frugal Foodie has a free eCookbook available for download. It is called Smart School Time Recipes. You should go check it out!


Jennifer said...

HAH!!!! Becky, I finally found your blog post! So much so much! Is the corn syrup recipe in one of the links? I'm not quite sure where I was supposed to find that one. Also, is sta well the store over by the gym? On the grocery store placement of GF foods, well, lets just say that I would love to see that in our grocery store and will be talking to our manager about it soon. A project I would love to take on as I know at least one other woman who shops in there who has gluten allergies. Keeping up is time consuming for me right now, but I love all the research you do on the allergy issues. Thanks so much!!!! Jennifer

Becky, slave of Christ said...

I am glad you were finally able to have the time to find this, Jenn. Click on the "recipe for light 'corn' syrup" link to get to the recipe.

I guess you could mount some cameras in the store wherever the gluten free foods are and then watch to see who buys them. :)

Jennifer said...

OK now I found it. It was right in the begining! The Lyle's syrup she referenced is the one our store now carries. I am going to try her recipe but I think I will try his syrup too if convenience is a factor. It sounds pretty much like the same stuff just already made. Thanks!

Jennifer said...

One more thing, now that I work at the store and the owner is aware of my food allergies (his mom has the same gluten allergy) they seem to be trying to get in more GF foods. They are now carrying the rice tortillas and an older lady was in yesterday to buy some. He realized the market he was missing by not targeting the gf market. I'm supposed to suggest things. I will take advantage of that!

Becky, slave of Christ said...

That is wonderful. You will have access to gf foods in town, instead of having to travel in here to go to Walmart or Freddy's, etc. Especially with this weather!