Saturday, October 23, 2010

If your momma opened a restaurant and she cooked all of your favorite dishes...

...yeah. It's like that.

Tonight my husband took me to a MEXICAN RESTAURANT AND IT WAS SAFE FOR ME!!! We traveled to get there. We went all the way to a little town called Jerome, Idaho and made our way up Main Street until we arrived at the El Sombrero. Somebodies' momma didn't raise no dummy...Rosa's momma, to be precise. This lady and probably her husband and definitely her daughter have a great thing going in that little town. The food there is fantastic and I am confident that they have a large following of regular customers. While we were there, I heard many statements to the tune of, "Good food as always," or "What we've come to expect." As we were preparing to leave a couple walked in from the back entrance mentioning "we were here last night" as they made their way to the booth behind ours.

The portions are HUGE and the customers are happy...including me. Before making the trek, I made a phone call to the restaurant and asked to speak with Rosa, who I had been told is the owner. Rosa is a celiac, so she knows what is safe and what is not in her restaurant. She told me which seasonings not to order, but that when I got there the waitresses would be able to guide me. She was right. What they didn't know for sure, they would go back to the kitchen and ask.

Both my husband and I ordered the Pork Carnitas...delicioso!...under their "Sombrero Specialties" on the menu. When you follow the link, you will find that their prices are quite reasonable. When you see the photo (sorry for the low quality, the lighting is subdued and I only had my cell phone with me) you will wish you were eating there now.

No Gluten, No Dairy, No Eggs, No Soy, No Kidding!
They use canola oil in the kitchen. They do have eggs,
but you don't have to order them. ;)
As you can see, they have corn tortillas and salsa that they serve when you arrive, and the little bowl in the middle held their own refried beans with cheese. I refrained from eating them of course, but the ones on my plate had no cheese and I enjoyed them very much.

That pork on the left? Tender. Juicy. Amazing. Add the rice, lettuce, tomatoes and the soft, moist corn tortillas and I was very, very happy. If you are wondering — no, I didn't clean up my plate. I have leftovers and I plan to make the most of them. We also bought an order of two tamales to go; one as a surprise for my mom and the other tucked away in the fridge for this gluten free girl on another day. 

If you decide to check them out, expect your eyes to be delighted with the bright colors of the place, your taste buds to be delighted with the succulent flavors and your tummy to be delighted with the safety factor.

El Sombrero
143 W. Main
Jerome, Idaho

Tell them the Gluten Free Sleuth sent you. Hopefully by then they will remember me...I know I won't be forgetting them any time soon; I need to try some of their fajitas...


emmaus said...

The food looks wonderful! Now we have a place that we can go on a double date!

Becky, slave of Christ said...

Sweet! Mr. Sleuth thinks that is a great idea! Let's do it!!!