Monday, October 25, 2010

Sleuth Snickers

This is my daughter many, many years ago.
I used to call her Punkin.
Check out this updated information concerning candy, candy, candy, its safety or lack thereof on a later post. Don't take my word for it; follow the link to Gluten Free Recipes there.

Not really. This isn't funny. Did anyone else realize that the Mars candy company doesn't include gluten in its allergens list? They don't. I was checking to see if the miniatures are gluten free and found out that they don't make that statement about any of their bars. 

Yet Mars candy bars are on an awful lot of gluten free candy lists out there. How come? I am wondering if there has been some personal interaction with the company and they have a different policy than can be found on this Allergen Info link for Mars.

Sometimes I can get away with a piece of chocolate candy that has milk in it as long as I don't eat a bunch, but I guess Snickers is off of my list until I read/hear something different.

On the other hand, Nestle has a nice gluten free list online on a PDF file. Guess when I get a real hankerin' for chocolate, I will have a Baby Ruth.

In my searching, I ran across this website called Label Watch. They are not specifically for people with allergen issues, but they are specifically for people who eat. We do, so it should be quite helpful for us too.

I also ran across a blog called Home Cooking Rocks! the other day and though it isn't tailored to our needs, there are recipes on there that work! For example, her Rainy Day Cabbage, Pineapple and Strawberry Salad. This is timely. There is rain in the forecast!

That's all for now. Perhaps this should be called a Sleuth Reportlet.

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