Saturday, October 30, 2010

Snicker's? Reese's? Skittles? What's a sweet Sleuth's tooth to do???

I am confident that the little punkin on the left is
crying because of this recent Reese's reveal.
Update: If you already looked at the list, go look again. At the bottom of the post at Gluten Free Recipe Box, she has added some replies to inquiries from specific candy companies.

This gluten-free candy list at Gluten Free Recipe Box has both safe and unsafe candies listed. The author has been doing some calling and three things caught my attention:

1) Snicker's candy bars are on the SAFE list (how that reconciles with the information I shared in my last post is beyond me).
2) Reese's Peanut Butter cups are on the UNSAFE list (ALL varieties!).
3) Original flavor Skittles are on the UNSAFE list.


I had item number two not long ago. Reacted. Didn't attribute it to the PB cup because I had always understood them to be gluten free! I just purchased item number three to give to my kiddos in preschool Sunday school. I chose those because I thought they were gf and I have two gluten free students. 

I am not happy about those last two items, but I would rather know than eat them. 


Carla Spacher said...

I am so glad you shared this, but everyone should remember that Hershey's stated to check labels no matter what. One of my readers checked their label and the ingredients did not list anything with gluten. Perhaps they just have not tested it for gluten content yet. I just heard from another reader that Hershey's never had a gluten-free list before, but they are just starting to test for it. Perhaps they are just being on the cautious side. It is up to each individual if they wish to take the chance.

So glad to meet you over the Net!

Gluten Free Recipe Box

Becky, slave of Christ said...

I am happy to have found you as well, Carla, and I agree with you. Products change and we always need to be checking the labels.

However, I had a conversation with someone at the Hershey Company a few months ago and was told that they do list gluten ingredients.

I mentioned my conversation at the bottom of my August 9th post on spices.

The lady was immediately on the defensive when I started asking about their labeling practices. She firmly assured me that their labels are reliable, but how can we trust them if what your reader said is true? If they are just starting to test for gluten then how can we trust the labels?

Melissa said...

I thought Reese's were gluten free (except for the shapes) everything I've found says they are in fact gluten free? Where did you get this info from (I LOVE my Reese's and eat them a lot...and I'm debating if that's why my dh is rearing it's ugly head!)

Becky, slave of Christ said...

Melissa, I got the information from a post on Carla's blog, Gluten Free Recipe Box. The link in my post takes you there. Scroll down to her unsafe list (the lists are alphabetical) to see the Reese's info and then go to the top of the post and read her paragraph on her discussion with peeps at the Hershey's company.

I totally relate. I had to give them up when I had to stop eating dairy and eggs a year ago. As I mentioned in my blog post, I actually tried a PB cup not long ago. I did that hoping to get away with it. Sometimes I allow myself to have some milk in a product like that, but I never allow myself gluten. The only way that happens is unwittingly.