Wednesday, November 24, 2010

FUDGE!!! (+ Dairy-Free, Sweetened, Condensed Milk!)

This fudge is yummy enough that you won't need
to eat much to satisfy your sweet tooth. In fact,
I wouldn't recommend it. :)
Happy Thanksgiving! You are probably busy with preparations like I am, but I wanted to stop and post these yummy recipes.

If you go to the blog, The Dorm Mom, you will find a recipe for Dairy Free Fudge.  My friend, Kim, tried it first yesterday and then I took the plunge in the afternoon. I made it gluten free by using Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips and this stuff is really, really nice. Rich, but nice. I am going to try a smaller batch, making the dairy free sweetened, condensed milk with maple syrup instead of sugar. We will see how it works. 

I added orange extract (McCormick's says Gluten Free right on the box! Caution: it is really strong stuff, don't take a big whiff up close like I did.) to half of the recipe and topped the other half with pecans. I wrote out the directions on facebook for a fellow No Gluten, No Dairy, No Kidding friend of mine and I am including those here, including a suggestion on how to change the pecan addition so they actually are a part of the fudge instead of falling off. Between Kim and I, we were able to clarify questions that may arise from the simple directions The Dorm Mom posted.

No Gluten, No Dairy, No Eggs, No Soy, No Kidding
2 cups of sweetened, condensed coconut milk (recipe below)
4 cups Enjoy Life Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (two 10 ounce packages)
McCormick Pure Orange Extract
Chopped pecans (use the amount you want)

Melt your chocolate in a double broiler - it goes fast; I put mine in when the condensed milk was down to four cups. I brought the water to a boil, put the boiler on, added the chocolate chips and just let it sit there without covering it. It was ready for me when I was ready for it.
Just as your condensed milk is ready, mix the pecans evenly into the melted chocolate chips and then add the condensed milk (or add the chocolate to the condensed milk, which is what I did, as my milk pan was larger than my chocolate pan). Stir well and pour into an 8x8 pan that has been lined with a piece of waxed paper sprayed with cooking oil. Then chill for a few hours in the fridge or freeze. I put mine on my back porch. It is cold enough out there!

Sweetened, Condensed Coconut Milk
No Gluten, No Dairy, No Eggs, No Soy, No Kidding
Six cups of So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Milk
2 cups sugar

Pour the coconut milk and sugar into a good-sized sauce pan, stir to blend. Bring to a boil and turn down heat a little. I started mine at 5 1/2 of 10 and when it came to a good boil, turned it down to 4 to let it settle down a bit, then back up to 5. This worked until it condensed down to about three cups, then I had to back off the heat a little so it would boil over. A bigger pan might eliminate that.

Once you have it at a steady, decent boil, stir it every ten minutes. Kim set her timer each time, that worked well. She and I both stayed in the kitchen until it was stable, but after that, I was able to do other things and come back to it. We both had our big glass measuring cups at the ready so we could pour the milk in to keep an eye on how it was doing. This works really well and is delicious.

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