Friday, November 19, 2010

Sleuthing for the Freebies*

As has become a tradition, I am posting things I am thankful to God for on my other blog for the month of November. This takes up a lot of blog time, so I usually don't do much over here. I wanted to post a few things for you before you start cooking for Thursday's feast though.

Last year I made a pumpkin torte thing that was rubbery and bland. This year, I am trying Elizabeth Gordon's recipe from My Allergy Free Life

This lady really knows how to create safe and yummy desserts!

Elizabeth added a link to the Coconut Creamer she uses in the recipe and I want to give you some other Turtle Mountain links, as well as some others.

Here are two links, one to Turtle Mountain's complete list of products and the other to their allergen information, including a  chart at the bottom of the page.

I am happy to announce that my Fred Meyer store (should I call it Fred MYer?) carries a nice selection of the So Delicious products!

Alisa over at Go Dairy Free has posted her annual Thanksgiving recipe roundup. Check it out, there are gluten free recipes available. That was no small feat!

Hormel's gluten free list includes Jennie-O turkey products that are safe for us, as does Purdue's. Make sure you pay attention to any other allergies you are dealing with as well.

I just did a search for a comprehensive, gluten-free turkey list and found one at Harris Whole Health, a new-to-me website I am going to have to explore!

I also found information on safely handling turkeys. I am buying fresh and needed to know how long it keeps before it must be cooked.

There you go. I have researched the turkey and dessert. You will have to fill in from there. Worry not, there are a ton of great recipes out there. Hopefully this weekend I am going to try a new dessert idea that I have been working on in my brain. If it works, I will get that up here as well.

*And by "freebies," I mean allergen free foods, of course.

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