Monday, December 27, 2010

Sleuths Abound

Used by permission from Sarah
The Play-Doh Dilemma: Revisited
Sarah, of the label "Sarah bakes again", posted this photo of creations her children made with PlayFoam, by Educational Insights. She said it can be used like Play-Doh and has a consistency similar to rice crispy treats, without the stickiness. She also suggests that if it isn't mashed together, the colors will separate fairly easily. If they are mashed, they will blend together, which is the also case with Play-Doh.

PlayFoam is gluten free, suitable for children - ages 3 through 8,* and the package says it never dries out.

Another option is a product called, Bubber, from Timberdoodle. Like the PlayFoam, Bubber is also supposed to never dry out. The company has put out a promotional video of the product and the stuff used in the demonstration is purported to have been left out of its packaging for ten years and is still malleable. We have some at church, and it does tend to shed crumbs, but they are easy to clean up. It has an odd, dryish, almost sandy consistency, but the kids don't seem to mind.

Healthy Top
As thorough as Mimic Creme is on their website, there is one thing I had been able to discover, so I made a phone call to company. I was told that once Healthy Top is opened, it can be used for 14 days if it is stored in the refrigerator.

Attack of the Evil Gluten 
I mentioned in my post "Sleuthbook" that I have had some pain in my digestive system and have been trying to track down the cause. One product I have been using is Mission Tortilla Chips.  I went to their website <> and on their FAQ page it gives the following answer to the question, Are Mission products gluten free?

"Mission Foods Corn products are produced with 100% corn flour; wheat ingredients are not added to the formulation. These products include Corn Tortillas, Corn Tortilla Chips, Taco Shells, Tostadas, Corn Gorditas, and Sopes. These products are produced in plants that also process wheat tortillas."

I sent them an email asking for clarification, but have not yet heard back. This statement makes me very nervous. First, they only mention wheat ingredients, which makes me wonder if they even know what gluten is. Second, I am unsettled by the warning in the final sentence. I stopped using the tortilla chips and for the past few days have been able to eat food without pain. One of my preschool Sunday school students (age three) noted in church yesterday that I look tired. When I get this sick it shows (my husband can always tell when I am in pain). Hopefully I have found the source and will be able to rebuild my health and look better soon.

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*Apparently it is suitable for an even wider age range. Sarah hinted at enjoying playing with the PlayFoam as well.

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