Monday, February 6, 2012


Well, the bird is fresh out of the Twitter oven (posted one hour two hours ago from right now; it took me an hour to write this post). The announcement has been made. Kinnikinnick has finally put their breads in bags, slapped their logo on ‘em, and made them available for purchase! When I say “finally,” of course I am kidding. The four sample packs that I won last month are not even gone yet. The box said to freeze them, and I did; though, I was a little concerned about how they would hold up after the freeze. Well, concerns be hanged, I needn’t have had any. When I am ready to have a bit of bread, I just pull out what I want, thaw it in the nucrowave, add my heart’s desire, and plate it. That is when the magic starts.

Take the other night. I had made this delicious Avocado Chicken Salad (I used lemon because I didn’t have lime, dried cilantro because I didn’t have fresh, and Follow Your Heart’s Grapeseed Vegenaise [my Miracle Whip Man didn’t have a clue]). Next, I thawed a Kinnikinnick Hamburger Bun to enjoy it on, and the first thing I noticed was its texture. I mean, I had just thawed it in the microwave after it had been in the freezer a few weeks, yet it was soft and springy. It reminded me of the dinner rolls my mother-in-law used to make, and trust me, my mother-in-law was a professional baker.

Professional, in that she baked amazing, gluteny goodness every week of her life for sixty-five years (with time off for the likes of birthing each of her six children or being in the hospital for surgery, that sort of thing), and she was good at it. She would bake several of something out of the following list every single Saturday (and maybe throw in others through the week). She made breads, dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls (some with powdered sugar icing—some with nuts and incredible, caramelized goo), doughnuts, cookies (peanut butter, soft ginger bread, oatmeal and raisin, chocolate chip), pies (she canned her own fruit for those), cakes, fruit bars (you can’t possibly have any idea how amazingly wonderful her fruit bars were), fruit cakes (I don’t have to tell you when she baked those do I?) and that’s just off the top of my head (well, with a little help from her son, my Miracle Whip Man). She even used to do that sort of thing when she worked in the lunch room of his school when he was growing up. MMWM said they would have chili and cinnamon rolls every Thursday during the school year. (Is it mean of me to inflict this gluten-deprived man sitting at his desk across the room from me with these memories? Actually, he says they are good memories, and he is enduring this for you. Appreciate him.)

So when I say that this bun reminded me of my mother-in-law’s dinner rolls, I am saying a mouthful. Soft, springy, light, and delicious was that Kinnikinnick dinner roll hamburger bun. I slathered on a bit more vege-mayo and then glopped on a goodly amount of the Avocado Chicken Salad and, well, Bob’s your uncle. I had a sandwich that would make my sweet mother-in-law happy, and that is no stretch.

I don’t eat hotdogs, but I took one of those hotdog buns and cut it open, laid the two pieces on my only gluten-free bar pan (Pampered Chef, the baby bar pan), spooned on a bit of olive oil on the soft white interior of both halves, sprinkled it generously with garlic powder, and then some paprika and dried parsley flakes, and put it under the broiler until it toasted. I had it with soup, and it was surprisingly good. Next time I’ll use fresh garlic in the oil, so it is garlicky-er.  This may seem like an odd combination, but back before gluten and milk and eggs were my enemies, I used to go to a little Italian Restaurant in Pocatello called Buddy’s (which MMWM and I are thinking has been in business close to fifty years!) and get me some serious Buddy’s breath (as soon as you walk into any place in that town, people can tell you have eaten at Buddy’s for at least three days after—no joke). This involved eating their famous salad and garlic bread with cheese.

Friends of mine were recently in that town and ate at that restaurant (at the urging of myself and another long-time fan of the place) and taunted me with a cellphone photo.  I cropped and divided and pasted here; I am sure they won’t mind). I literally thought I would faint when I saw it. That food is a part of my history. Even after who-knows-how-many years, I am confident that Buddy’s garlic still runs through my veins. The salad calls to me with its icy, siren’s song…

Buddy's BreathGarlic Bread with Cheese

…Where was I? Oh yes. My point is that even though my French bread hotdog bun with olive oil and sprinklings wasn’t dripping with melty, gooey cheese, and even though I can’t have blue cheese dressing anymore in my life, Kinnikinnick gave me a Buddy’s moment of my own. And I intend to have that again.

The multigrain bread and the white bread are both wonderful as well, and it is nice to have bigger pieces. Really. Soft sandwiches that taste like sandwiches! The next thing I would like for them to invent is a rye-less rye bread! (When you do that, Kinnikinnick…you have my address.)


Hailee said...

That's so funny, I found your blog searching for dairy free mashed potatoes and noticed specifically when you said "Buddys breath". I live in San Diego but am from Pocatello and immediately knew what you were talking about. That's awesome that it transcend's Pocatello's borders!

Becky said...

That is great, Hailee! I think Buddy would be pleased. (Who is Buddy anyway? :)