Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Eating gluten, results of that, Trim Healthy Mama, fun with fruit

I have left this blog hanging since the gluten challenge post, but I doubt anyone has noticed. My test results showed no adverse reactions from eating gluten, so I have continued to do so. Friends, who have only known me as gluten-free, tell me that I look healthier than I have in years.That doesn’t mean I totally feel better, however. In some ways I do, in others I don’t.

I have abandoned the gluten-free kitchen, and I am not going to obsess over it any longer, but I am currently reading Trim Healthy Mama by Serene Allison & Pearl Barrett and am seriously considering their approach to eating. The concepts presented in the book make sense to me, and several of my friends are following the plan and having great results with weight loss and better health.

I want to say that, though I know there are people assuming I never did need to be gluten free, I know this is not the case. I was so very sick back in the Year of Gluten Death, and only eliminating gluten changed that (see my story for details). ​I lost 15 pounds in two weeks because I was afraid to eat, knowing that doing so would result in severe pain.​The elimination of that pain after going gluten free was not imagined. Removing gluten from my diet was the only thing that made the difference. And based on how I am feeling these days, I believe that being mostly gluten free is still a good idea.

I am planning to keep my blog going. There are recipes on here I will want to continue to reference, and THM is a mostly gluten-free approach. I expect to link to and create more gluten free recipes because of that.

Sleuthed fruit fun:

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