Welcome to Gluten Free Sleuth!

I am so happy you found your way to my blog! I have been gluten free since early 2006 and earlier this year I found out I can't have dairy or eggs either. I am a bit pouty about that, but I have been working hard to adjust and come up with delicious recipes to satisfy my taste buds and nutritional needs so I don't have to miss what is missing from my plate. Most of my recipes are also soy free, as my mother lives with us and she reacts terribly to that stuff. My No Gluten, No Dairy, No Eggs, No Milk, No Soy, No Kidding notice is underneath the title of the recipe for your convenience.

The purpose of my blog is two-fold. A resource for you and a resource for me. I am constantly using the search engine to check my information.

When I do gluten free research on the web, I post what I find here. You will find...
...Gluten in the news
...Restaurant reviews and suggestions
...New and tempting products
...Product warnings
...Other bloggers, many that are gluten free and dairy free or vegan, and others that are just helpful
...Recipes I have tried and tweaked, link to those for which I have faithfully followed someone else's recipe and found to be wonderful - or to those I haven't tried yet, but look especially helpful for the glutenly challenged, and of course I post those recipes I have developed myself! If you check out my labels, you will find one entitled Sarah Bakes Again. Sarah is a friend and conscientious mother who has a 5 year old daughter who has celiac disease. She is an amazing cook and often shares the recipes on Sleuth that she has adapted from a dreaded gluten-death dish or has developed herself.

Search my blog with the search engine on the left-hand column of the page to see if I have what you are looking for, or you can also check out my labels list. I have links to other bloggers and other resources along that column as well.

I would love for you to introduce yourself and make any comments or suggestions or you can send me an email by clicking on CONTACT ME, found in that handy left-hand column too.

Happy Sleuthing!